Dog Attack

by Dog Attack

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released December 4, 2013



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Dog Attack Budapest, Hungary

Gábor Magyar - vocals/guitar
Péter Szabó - bass/vocals
Gáspár Binder - drums

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Track Name: Dog Attack
Here come the dogs
You better get ready our bites are deadly
We come in the dark
Dirty and rabid, still hungry

Dog Attack

Now here we are
To get our throne of filth and dirt
Our time has come
Stronger dog fuck in a dog world
Track Name: Problem Kid
Everything is wrong with this kid
Can't behave like a man
Boozin', loves drugs, fucking around
His hobby’s to make a mess

Problem Kid
A punk rocker
Problem kid
A loser, a hater, a bastard

He's running wild, spits in your mouth
If he don't like your ugly face
He beats you and rapes you just for fun
All time mad, all time drunk

Problem kid is a shameless bastard
Never gonna compromise
He hates everything, don't care ‘bout nothing
An againster, rage rules his life
Track Name: This is Rock 'n' Roll
Another wasted night
Another drunken fight
Paranoid and sick of booze
Nothing left just speed rock blues
I don't have much money and i don't have wife
I found my love in a bottle of wine
We play our r'n'r fuckin' loud
Fuck you all! We won’t compromise!

This is r'n'r

I hate the laws and hate politics
I hate the rules and hate the police
I just need loud r'n'r
What we can shout in the van on the road
Here we go in a basement again
I see the future, i see the end
Make some noise for life and for friends
Dirty rockers get mad again
Track Name: Revenge of the Damned
We are all damned
We're doomed to serve
We're doomed to live for work
Another life expected, a fake vision of freedom
I don't care about it anymore
Just doing my weekday job
We're rockin' through the night until morning
That's our revenge, that's our life!

Let's go!
It is the revenge of the damned
Doomed generation get up of your knees,
Time to stand up and stand against!

A new generation of slavery
Bounded by lies and theories
Justice is just relative
So what the fuck?! Give me a beer!!
Track Name: Frustrated
Frustration spreads like disease
From man to man to the end
Frustrated mind born hate
My thoughts turned black as hell

Frustrated, frustrated
Now give me some peace
Frustrated, frustrated
now, Get the fuck away!!

Everyday madness, war for cash
Working hard 'til night
I feel like a hamster in a wheel
I'm frustrated all the time
Track Name: Nigthmare
I've got nightmare every night
Daylight horror came in to my mind

Nightmare, nightmare at daylight
Nightmare, nightmare by night

I've got no dreams of love and peace
Just fear and pain ad hate

I've got nightmare all the time
Daylight horror came into my mind
Track Name: Nothing more to Say
All around me the same shit lies
Poisoning my mind
I'm so bored with all this mess
Mad times baby bad times
All around me liars and cheaters
Just wasting my fuckin' time
I'm so fed up with all this crap
Just give me a bottle of wine!

Nothing more to say

King of endless lies
Just talking all the time
But i hear only empty words
So shut up! Shut your fuckin' mouth!
That's enough of verbal garbage
I've just heard enough
I'm finished with you, i close my ears
I've got nothing more to say to you!
Track Name: City Garbage
Raging madness on the streets
A maniac turned insane
Walking through the dirty alley
Blood spilled on dog shit

City garbage

Another wasted drunken bastard
Puke in the city light
He's out of controll, just lost his job
He's been cheated, fucked by life

That girl on the next corner
She's 17 years old
She knows exactly how to make you happy
Don't have dreams anymore
Track Name: World of Greed
Hey people, look around
And tell me what you see!
Another war has begun
There is only blood sweat and tears
The other side i see luxury
Hollywood neon lights
Politicians and oligarchy
Shake hands on the hills of junk

World of greed
-or future gone
-the plan is done
-we are all slaves
-no hope for change

Greed writes over every rules
Stands over all laws
Our lives are planned to work
To serve our boss and to serve their god
Track Name: Gonna get Away
Anytime, anywhere
I just wanna get away
Nothing is real, life's for sale
Fake spreads like a plague

Gonna get away, gonna get away
Gonna get away, we have no stay

Crap for sale with a present crap
With some bonus discount
Fake and shit pushed down our throat
Just swallow it until we die

There is no chance to leave this shit
Our cure is the mighty noise
We live in basements, don't care a fuck
But once we'll get away

Gonna get away